Obscene graffiti is a ‘waste of our time’

CLEANING UP: Sudbury's community wardens set to work.
CLEANING UP: Sudbury's community wardens set to work.

Community wardens have hit out at vandals who daubed offensive graffiti outside a Sudbury business.

An obscene word was scrawled two feet high in black spray paint opposite Ernest Doe in Cornard Road. The writing was on a brick wall, which backs on to a house in Lucas Road.

On Friday, community wardens Nathan Mitchell and Alex Payne, along with Graham Masters, from The Landscape Group, were given the task of clearing the graffiti.

“Someone has obviously done this to try to be funny and they think it is a joke, but it is a waste of our time,” said Mr Mitchell.

“We could be doing something much more productive to improve the town.”

The wardens used a high-powered water spray gun – bought by the town council thanks to a donation from Acton resident Jean Chapman in 2010 – to remove the foul word.

Mrs Chapman provided the funds after growing fed-up with a trail of unpleasant graffiti in the town.

“Thanks to this equipment, the graffiti comes off as fast as it goes up,” said Mr Masters. “It is a futile exercise.”

Sudbury and the surrounding area suffered a string of graffiti attacks in the spring of 2012.

These included racist graffiti on a wall in Girling Street, offensive words on Sudbury Sports Centre and British National Party slogans on children’s play equipment in Long Melford.

“Thankfully, it has died down a bit since and we don’t want to see it return,” said Mr Mitchell.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police said graffiti was classed as criminal damage and should be reported.