Obituary – Louie Heathcote

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LOUIE HEATHcote: The funeral took place on July 25 of one of Foxearth’s long-standing residents.

Louie Heathcote came to live in the village in 1946 with husband Ted, who died in June 2006.

Mrs Heathcote died on July 5, aged 94 and many friends from the area joined her relatives in the parish church in tribute to a well-known, respected and loved woman.

The Rev Brian Sampson conducted the service and recalled his long acquaintance with the couple.

His said that Mrs Heathcote’s life was characteristic of the things so important in a small community – helping, caring and participating.

It was rare for anyone visiting their home to leave without a gift of some fresh eggs from the Heathcote flock. He was pleased that he had been able to officiate on this day in accordance with Mrs Heathcote’s expressed wish.

Heather Byrnes spoke affectionately of her mother’s long and active life. She had always been involved in village events such as the annual fete and bonfire night, the Women’s Institute, bowling and the Over-60s Club.

She was a keen gardener and it was something of a joke with the local clergy that they would invariably find her on her knees outside when they visited.

Heather stressed that her mother greatly valued her independence and it was her determination that, as her health began to fail, she should remain in her own home for as long as she could.

This wish was, in large part, fulfilled by the support she received from the village and especially by the constant visits from Linda and Peter.

After the service, Mrs Heathcote was laid to rest in the churchyard with Ted.

We shall remember Mrs Heathcote’s friendship and her valuable contributions to the community ethos.

We express our sincerest condolences and best wishes to Heather, Julian and Michael and their families.