No job is to big for handyman Kerry

A FATHER has expressed his joy after he delivered his baby boy.

Little Sonny MacKender was born on Thursday, weighing 8lbs.

But instead of being brought into the world by a specially trained midwife, Sonny had to rely on the untested delivery skills of his dad, Kerry, who works as a handyman at the Swan hotel in Lavenham.

The 44-year-old had only the advice of experts over the phone to help him as wife Emma went into labour.

“She kept saying she wanted to push and the midwife asked if she would be able to make it to hospital, but she said no,” said Kerry, who lives with his family in Spring Street. “I was told to grab some towels and that I would be delivering the baby.”

The impending arrival of baby Sonny – the couple already have two daughters, Laylamay, five, and Lilynadelle, one – began at 2am.

Thirty-year-old Emma was taken to West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds by her father, Morris Wright, from Great Waldingfield, while Kerry looked after the pair’s children.

However, Emma returned home three hours later after being told the baby was sometime away from making an appearance.

“We got home but I was still getting contractions so we went back to hospital at 8am,” she said.

“I walked around for two hours and it was recommended I go home again and drink lots of fluids.”

Returning home at around midday, it was then that the labour advanced and Emma prepared to give birth in her bedroom, with the midwife in Hadleigh and the closest ambulance in Thetford.

“I thought it was a joke when they said Kerry would have to do it,” said Emma. “But then I really needed to push.”

One huge contraction later and Sonny’s head and body appeared, but Kerry’s job was not over as the baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was not breathing.

“My hands were shaking but I untangled the cord and rubbed him to get him breathing,” said Kerry, who has been married to Emma for four years.

“He responded and I’m a very proud dad. Now I know what midwives have to put up with.”

Sonny was born at 12.29pm – 10 minutes before the midwife arrived. The couple say they are still letting their son’s unusual delivery sink in.

“I can’t believe I let him deliver it,” said Emma. “It all happened so fast.

“I think they will have a nice bond through this and Kerry’s made the girls proud.”