No first class service from mail company

A furious householder in Sudbury says he has been posting Christmas cards for housebound neighbours after a post box was removed from his housing estate without warning.

Roy Jeffery, 84, from Chaucer Road, says the post box was taken away from his road by Royal Mail and the company has been unable to give any timescale for its replacement.

“I am furious about it. The Chaucer Estate has about 400 homes and is a large proportion of these householders are elderly. They don’t have computers to send emails at Christmas and it has been a big inconvenience for them not to have a letterbox.” He has been helping out by offering to post his neighbour’s letters for them when he goes into Sudbury.

“This is a community up here and we are happy to help each other out but it is not fair on elderly people trying to get their cards to their relatives,” he added.

District and town councillor John Sayers said had written to Royal Mail on behalf of householders to ask the company when the post box would be replaced – and where it would be situated.

He said: “I have not as yet had an answer to my email and I think it’s disgraceful that an organisation should treat customers this way. There was no warning the box was being taken away. It’s not a very professional way to behave.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said the box was removed at the request of the property owner. It said a member of its public affairs team would be contacting Mr Sayers. “Royal Mail apologises to customers for any inconvenience caused by the temporary closure of these post boxes.”