New Sudbury traffic device baffles

WHAT IS THIS?: Town councillor John Sayers inspects the new traffic device.
WHAT IS THIS?: Town councillor John Sayers inspects the new traffic device.

SOME say the newly-installed traffic calming measure between Clermont Avenue and Chaucer Road in Sudbury looks like a work of art, worthy of the Turner Prize.

Others describe it as a “funny-looking contraption” they have never seen the likes of before.

Either way, residents living near The Priory, which connects two housing estates, claim the device is not doing what it is supposed to.

The design, approved by Suffolk County Council and installed by contractors working for Charles Church Anglia, is meant to stop vehicles – except buses and emergency services – from using the road.

But town councillor John Sayers said it is not working because motorbikes, vans and bigger vehicles can still easily get through.

He said a gate would have been a simpler solution, with a swipe card mechanism for emergency staff and buses.

“I have been monitoring the progress of the roadworks on a regular basis, especially the construction of the centre roadway which is intended to prevent passing traffic,” he said.

“In my opinion, it is not a satisfactory arrangement as it appears possible for vans and 4x4 vehicles to gain access.

“The worst prospect for residents is passing motorcycles which I understand has already taken place.

“They have taken weeks and weeks to build this contraption, it’s a very complicated design, and it doesn’t seem to be doing the job it is supposed to do.”

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