New Sudbury mayor elected

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SUDBURY Town Council has elected its new mayor for the forthcoming year.

During a mayor-making ceremony at the town hall on Tuesday, councillors voted for Jack Owen to replace Tony Platt as the town’s mayor.

Speaking in support of Mr Owen’s nomination, councillor Russell Smith said he believed he had worked “tirelessly” on behalf of the town for many years and was a role model others in the council should follow.

Jan Osborne said: “I completely agree with everything councillor Smith has said and I know Jack will make a good mayor.”

More than 40 of Mr Owen’s family and friends were present for the ceremony, along with numerous other town and community officials.

Outgoing mayor Tony Platt congratulated Mr Owen on his appointment and wished him luck for the year ahead.

“It has been a privilege to chair the town council and participate in many civic events,” said Mr Platt, who highlighted the council’s work to secure the library and battle to keep short-stay car parking free as major landmarks during his time in office.

“Everywhere I went, I was struck by the goodwill of people and how humble and respectful they were of the mayor.”

Mr Owen, of Catesby Meadow, said he hoped to live up to councillors’ expectations during an “exciting” year, which includes the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympics.

“I have always played a fairly active role in the community and I hope to continue that,” said Mr Owen, who is also a district councillor.

“It is an extremely proud moment when councillors elect you to such a position and I will continue to work with my colleagues to make Sudbury a safe and enjoyable place to live.”

Adrian Osborne was elected as the town’s deputy mayor.