New signs are being ignored by drivers

TO THE POINT OR POINTLESS: One of the signs for Sudbury's King Street crossing.
TO THE POINT OR POINTLESS: One of the signs for Sudbury's King Street crossing.
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Sudbury’s controversial town centre crossing has once again come in for criticism after new signs were described as “pointless”.

Blue signs telling drivers approaching the £60,000 crossing hump in King Street to “consider” pedestrians were put up by Suffolk County Council last week.

But shoppers and traders say the signs are a waste of time and, like the crossing, are ignored by drivers.

“They don’t take any notice of them at all. They are pointless,” said Holly Riccie, from Little Henny.

“Pedestrians think the signs and crossing give them more safety but it hasn’t changed anything.”

The crossing, originally budgeted to cost £40,000, was completed in June. During its construction many in the town complained about the disruption it caused and doubted whether it was needed.

Curtain Craft owner David Holland said he thought the signs were “ridiculous”.

“They are telling people to do exactly what they should be doing in the first place. It is papering over the cracks the crossing has brought,” he said.

A number of people asked by the Free Press said they had not noticed the new signs, while Dave New, from Great Cornard, said he did not believe they would make any difference.

“It is still the same as it was without the crossing. If someone wants to let you cross they will and vice-versa,” he said.

A Suffolk County Council spokesman said the signs were put up at a cost of £130 as the result of feedback.

“People were saying it was not clear how the crossing worked and these will help with that,” he said. “They let motorists know pedestrians will now be crossing in greater numbers.”