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New property valuation business in Lavenham aims to rebuild 'broken marriage' between estate agents and homeowners

Mandy Burrows has launched a new property valuation business in Lavenham, called Simply Valuation. Picture by Mark Westley. (13295327)
Mandy Burrows has launched a new property valuation business in Lavenham, called Simply Valuation. Picture by Mark Westley. (13295327)

With 15 years in London’s estate agency sector under her belt, Mandy Burrows said she believes there is “a broken marriage” between the industry and the public.

Now, after moving to Suffolk two years ago, she has launched a new property valuation business in Lavenham, stating her objective is to try to help improve the relationship between homeowners and agents.

“I think some estate agents are accustomed to believe that if they tell the truth, it won’t win them new business,” she told the Free Press. “I know that estate agents are one of the most hated professions there is, but they’re not all like that.

“Some will quote over-inflated prices just to secure business, and that’s what I’m trying to stamp out of estate agency, if I can.

“I believe nothing but the truth will do, even if it’s not what the vendor wants to hear.

“Personally, I think that 50 per cent of estate agents are average, 25 per cent are diabolical, and 25 per cent are fantastic.

“It’s the fantastic ones I really want to highlight to people. My mission is to help honest estate agents be heard and preferred.”

Currently a solo venture, the new business, Simply Valuation, which is based in High Street, offers property value appraisal services for selling, tax, insurance and remortgaging purposes.

If the vendor chooses to sell, they are then referred to the local estate agent deemed most suitable to sell the property, based on market research and analytics.

Mandy explained she had moved to Lavenham on a snap decision, after driving through the village during a visit to see her great-aunt, who lived in Boxford.

“I was selling my house at the time, and I could not get Lavenham out of my head,” she said.

“I just thought ‘I’m going to move there’, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Although she arrived with the intention of working in property development, she decided that the presence of more than 25 different estate agents in the five-mile radius around the village meant there was a need for a service to help people choose their agent.

She said: “When I looked at the market and saw just how many estate agents there are, I thought ‘How does a vendor know which one to go with?’

“Lots of people have different circumstances as to why they’re selling. They might be selling for an elderly relative, they might have young children, they might be fee motivated.

“I call myself a valuer, but I’m also an introducer. I introduce them to the right estate agent for them, who will do it in an ethical way.”

Mandy added that the reaction to the launch of her business, both from estate agents and homeowners, has been very positive, and she is hopeful, over the long term, of expanding her business by building a larger team of valuers.

To find out more about Simply Valuation, call 01787 207877 or go to www.simplyvaluation.com.

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