‘My chance to make a difference’

LOTS TO DO: Sam Ashby is keen to help others.
LOTS TO DO: Sam Ashby is keen to help others.

A Sudbury teenager is seeking funds in order to make a “once-in-a-lifetime” journey to Kenya.

Sam Ashby, from Hoxter Way, has set his heart on travelling to Nakuru to visit a developing community.

The 14-year-old has been offered the opportunity by his school, the Ormiston Sudbury Academy.

Along with 19 fellow students, Sam would spend 10 days in Kenya working on sports projects, assisting with school improvements and teaching English. But to make the trip possible, Sam must raise £1,595.

“This is probably the one chance I will get in my lifetime to do something like this,” said Sam. “It is my chance to make a difference.”

The school has linked up with African Adventures – an organisation which specialises in aiding volunteer projects abroad.

Participants will also visit Lake Nakuru National Safari Park and the Menengai Crater – one of the widest volcanic craters in the world.

Sam said he was inspired to put himself forward after seeing the good others have done in Africa.

“I have always wanted to help the African community,” he said.

“Every Red Nose Day, when I see the celebrities out there helping people, I have always dreamt of being that person.”

If successful in raising the money needed for the trip next October, Sam plans to record his experiences on camera.

He has already sent letters to various businesses in Sudbury asking for sponsorship.

Sam’s mum and dad, Jackie and Tony, who also have two older sons, Jamie, 21, and Arron, 17, say they are proud of his efforts.

“Unfortunately, we can’t afford to pay for the trip ourselves but this is an experience that will stick with him forever,” said Mr Ashby.

“He really enjoys helping others and is always doing something to try to make things better for those less fortunate.”