Motorists cope with flood water after mains burst

Freezing weather caused a water main to burst off Sudbury’s Newton Road on Monday morning.

The cast iron main ruptured in a field by the side of Newton Road, sending gallons of water spewing off the land and into the road.

Sudbury-bound motorists on the A134 were met with a torrent of water running downhill as they approached the Shawlands roundabout.

And the flood continued on the other side of the roundabout, also in Newton Road, where the escaping water spewed up from a drain cover.

Anglian Water spokesman John Clare said the torrent of water had flowed under the road.

“It must have looked quite strange because when you got to the other side of the roundabout the water was bubbling up from a drain cover,” he said. “Basically, the water went underneath the roundabout.”

He said the main, which runs alongside the A134 on farmland, has repeatedly burst and is due to be replaced next year.

“This is an old nine inch cast iron main,” he said. “It’s burst a few times before and is therefore on our replacement programme.

“The good news is that, when it gets replaced, it will not cause any problems in terms of roadworks because, as the main is located in the fields, all the work will be done there.

“There shouldn’t be any hold-ups for motorists at all. It should get replaced sooner rather than later because it is old.”

Water company staff worked into the night to fix the leak.

Last winter, the burst main caused flooding in Newton Road at its junction with Joe’s Road near Sudbury Garden Centre, resulting in a spectacular ice sculpture as the spray from cars froze on to hedges.