Mother warns: ‘zebra crossing is dangerous’

GETTING CROSS: Suzy Cardy with her son Oliver at the Kings Hill zebra crossing.
GETTING CROSS: Suzy Cardy with her son Oliver at the Kings Hill zebra crossing.

A Great Cornard mother-of-two has urged motorists to look out for pedestrians using a “dangerous” crossing that she claims gets ignored.

Suzy Cardy regularly walks into Sudbury from her home in Glenside with her two-year-old son Oliver and uses the zebra crossing on Kings Hill.

“You can stand there for up to 10 minutes and people drive straight through and ignore you,” she said.

“It is dangerous – if you assumed you are the one that has right of way as the zebra crossing is there for you to cross, you would get hit.”

Mrs Cardy, who also lives with husband Darren and daughter Isabel, five, said drivers can be unsighted as the crossing is at the brow of the hill and markings can be obstructed from view by telegraph poles.

“It is just ridiculous. I know I am not the only person this happens to and I am scared to death of it,” she said. “I am surprised there hasn’t been an accident.”

Mrs Cardy said she called Suffolk County Council last year to express her concerns but was told nothing could be done as there was no history of accidents on the crossing.

She called for lighting to be improved on the posts at the crossing to make it more visible for approaching drivers and cited crossings in Halstead as an example of how they should be marked.

Pc Jake Lees, from Sudbury and Great Cornard Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We have not received any reports of this issue, but we are looking into the matter to ascertain if it is a problem.

“We welcome members of the public to raise any concerns they may have and they are invited to attend the upcoming community priority setting meeting on Thursday, January 24, at the Delphi Sports and Social Club in Newton Road, Sudbury, from 6pm. Alternatively, they can call 101 to speak to the Safer Neighbourhood Team.”

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said: “We are investigating the crossing and will be working with the police on enforcement.”