Mother hits out at broken glass strewn across play area

A mother-of-three has claimed children are being put at risk of injury at a “dangerous” play area in Sudbury due to council neglect.

Kirsty Winyard says she will not let her children, aged seven, 11 and 14, go to the play area in Queens Road unaccompanied because she fears that they will be injured.

Mrs Winyard, who lives in nearby Manor Road, said she had seen broken glass, condoms and stinging nettles up to 5ft tall at the Babergh District Council-owned site.

“There was broken glass there for three days in a row and it is disgusting,” said the 34-year-old.

“The council says it cleans it every day, but it clearly doesn’t and I don’t let the children go without an adult as it is really dangerous.”

Mrs Winyard found the neck of a broken bottle attached to a piece of wood to form a type of weapon, and said people were getting into the play area at night through a hole in the fence.

“The children were playing football with bare feet the other day and I don’t think some parents know what it is like,” she said.

Jo Seymour, horticultural officer at Babergh, said the glass had been cleared and the area cleaned on Tuesday.

“The glass was a high priority and was dealt with,” she said. “The police and council are aware of the problems with the fence but the hole is from a private garden and we cannot do anything.”

Mrs Seymour added that the nettles would remain as getting stung “was part of growing up”.

But Mrs Winyard disagreed. She said: “It is meant to be a play area, not an area for wildlife.”