‘Mind-blowing’ skydive brings in charity cash

A card, cake and maybe a party are the usual staples of an 18th birthday.

But for Thomas Clark, from Carsons Drive in Great Cornard, the milestone will be all the more memorable because he flung himself out of a plane to complete a charity skydive – and it was all his mum’s idea.

Sally Clark and her son took a leap of faith last Sunday, to not only mark Thomas turning 18 but also to celebrate Mother’s Day. In doing so, they raised £1,600 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

“It was a very long day, but such a good experience,” said Sally, who works part-time at the Kiosk in Sudbury’s Borehamgate precinct and at Tesco in Sudbury.

“Thomas was not nervous at all, but for me the nerves kicked in after we had done our training in the morning and then had to wait around until the afternoon for the actual jump.”

Although Sally may have needed a bit more of a push than her son to leave the plane, she said after getting safely back down to earth, there is no reason why she would not do it again.

“It was mind-blowing,” said the 49-year-old. “The pressure was immense, it was freezing cold and my ears were buzzing.

“It was such a relief to hit the ground and land safely.”

The funds are due to be presented to the charity in the coming weeks.