Millie jets off to Paris after fundraising total smashed

Terminally-ill Millie Brown from Halstead has set off for her dream trip to Disneyland. ANL-140528-100921001
Terminally-ill Millie Brown from Halstead has set off for her dream trip to Disneyland. ANL-140528-100921001

A former England footballer, who was in the 1966 World Cup-winning squad, joined the final part of the Magical Millie fundraising campaign.

Jimmy Greaves opened and gave a speech at a charity football tournament in Hedingham which boosted the funds which will see terminally-ill Millie enjoy a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris.

In April, after being admitted to Colchester Hospital, a CT scan revealed that four-year-old Millie had a brain tumour that turned out to be inoperable.

Originally, Millie’s family, who live in Ronald Road in Halstead, had been hoping to raise around £4,000 to take her on her dream trip holiday.

The fund has now reached just under £30,000 and, having completed a three-week course of radiotherapy and with the okay from her doctor, a “very happy” Millie set off for Paris yesterday.

“She’s really excited about it,” said Carly Brown, Millie’s sister-in-law.

Millie will stay at the park until Saturday, but fears over her health meant that the trip could not be booked until she had the full backing from doctors.

“We are going to make sure she gets all the VIP treatment,” said Mrs Brown.

That means fast track tickets on to all the rides for little Millie and mum Lisa Stock and dad Glen Brown, who are with her.

“We want to make it as memorable as possible for the family,” added Mrs Brown.

The fundraising events – which have seen charity football matches, sponsored wax-offs and numerous raffles and auctions – have now finished, but the hope is that any extra money raised will support other children in similar situations.

“We are praying Millie is with us for as long as possible,” said Mrs Brown. “We will have as many days out as possible.

“We want to find a happy medium between what Millie needs and ensuring she enjoys her time.

“We hope to take her to the CBeebies Big Barn Farm and Pepper Pig World.

“Any money left will be going to other children who are in the same situation as Millie, so they can have memorable trips like she has.

“Millie has met other children in the same situation as herself while in hospital.”

Mrs Brown said the support from the town and the wider community had been “unbelievable”.

She added: “They have been arranging things off their own backs.”