Marking day to stem thefts

In response to a recent rise in catalytic converter thefts, police are holding a marking session in Sudbury today.

Thieves have been targeting 4x4 vehicles and vans in a bid to steal converters which are then sold on to scrap dealers.

Last month, Sudbury Police Inspector Paul Crick said other large vehicles were also being affected.

Officers will be at Red Star Tyres and Exhausts on Woodhall Business Park from 10am to 1pm today for a free marking session, with large vans and motor homes only permitted between midday and 1pm.

It is hoped that, by inviting people to the event, the number of thefts can be reduced.

Marking kits have also been given to Alpheton Garage in Alpheton, along with Crockatt Road Garage and Ainger Holbrows Garage, both in Hadleigh.

Drivers can have their vehicle’s converter marked at these garages at any time.

Police are also reminding owners to keep their vehicles in a well-lit public area if they do not have a garage and park parallel with another vehicle to make accessing a converter difficult for thieves.