Marion continues to fight

Latest campaign news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest campaign news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

The husband of a former Sudbury charity boss, paralysed in a fall, says the thought of returning home is keeping them positive.

Marion Blower, who managed Sudbury Resource Centre before retiring, is currently in hospital in Sheffield receiving treatment for a broken neck.

Mrs Blower was injured after she tripped and fell down the stairs at her home in Boxford in April. Her husband, Bryn, has been a constant presence by her side throughout her recovery.

“It is a very complicated issue,” said Mr Blower.

“I thought it would just be a few months and it would be fixed, but it has not been like that.”

Mrs Blower, who worked at the resource centre – now Sudbury Community Hub – for 17 years, has had to overcome a series of setbacks.

At one stage, she was rushed into intensive care and placed in an induced coma after she stopped breathing.

“She is doing ok at the moment, but she has had a few infections and has been very unlucky,” said Mr Blower.

A bungalow in Cats Lane, Sudbury, has been bought in preparation for when Mrs Blower is ready to leave hospital, but doctors want to be confident she can breathe for herself for long periods before this can happen.

“She is being weaned off the ventilator and is having 16 hours off, before going back on at night,” said Mr Blower.

“There is no indication as yet when we can come back.”

An appeal to raise £8,600 for an electric wheelchair to make life easier for Mrs Blower is being run by the Free Press and Sudbury Town Council. The total is currently at £6,350.

Mr Blower said the thought of home kept the couple going.

“Being here, we have made a lot of friends with people in similar situations and most of them have gone home,” he said.

“Everybody we know who has done that has improved. I am sure Marion will get there.”