Man died after three falls while on holiday

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The family of a man who died after a series of falls while on holiday have said they had concerns about him going on the trip.

John Raymond, from Glemsford, died in hospital in Austria on August 22 after visiting the country with his wife, Betty.

The couple had arrived in Vienna as part of a 10-day coach trip but, during the break, Mr Raymond, 85, suffered a serious head injury due to a fall which resulted in bleeding on the brain.

An inquest held on Tuesday heard how the pair, from Crown Field Road, had left on August 14 to embark on their holiday. They had planned a cruise on the River Danube.

Coroner Dr Peter Dean said when the coach had stopped in Belgium, Mr Raymond, a retired security and fire officer, had fallen in a car park when getting off the coach.

“He was helped up and did not appear to be injured,” he said. “The next day, there were no mishaps, but when staying at a hotel he went outside to cool off.

“His wife could not find him and he was found lying on the ground some distance away. Although he seemed ok, he said he couldn’t remember what happened.”

When the coach reached Austria, the couple travelled to Vienna by boat, but on August 16 Mr Raymond fell when leaving the coach again.

“Nobody saw him fall in the gap between the coach and kerb,” said Mr Dean. “He hit his head on the kerb.

“He was not with it for a few minutes and was taken to hospital by ambulance.”

Six days later, Mr Raymond died in hospital.

A post-mortem examination by pathologist Dr Mohamed Dada showed Mr Raymond had suffered a “blunt force trauma to the head”, which caused deep skull bruising and bleeding on the brain.

Mr Dean said this may have been caused by postural hypotension, which relates to a drop in blood pressure and leads to dizziness.

“This could have been caused from sitting for long periods and then getting up suddenly,” said Mr Dean, who recorded a verdict of accidental death. “These are very sad circumstances.”

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Raymond’s brother David and sister Jo Breathwick paid tribute to him.

“He was a very strong-minded gentleman,” said Mrs Breathwick, from Glemsford. “He had always wanted to go to Vienna.

“He really enjoyed life but we did have concerns about him going. His wife Betty is still very upset and distressed.

“Hopefully this will bring us some closure.”