Love of dogs inspires teen’s leap of faith

A DOG'S LIFE: Greyhound Denzil enjoys the perks of racing retirement at home in Bures.
A DOG'S LIFE: Greyhound Denzil enjoys the perks of racing retirement at home in Bures.

Cuddled up with her greyhound, Amy White is the picture of contentment – they both are.

Fast-forward three weeks though, and it is likely to be a different story.

Eighteen-year-old Amy, from Bures, will be preparing to plummet towards the earth from 13,000 feet at speeds of up 120mph as she completes a skydive.

Of course, it is Denzil who is to blame or, more accurately, greyhounds in general, as Amy is doing the jump to raise money for the Retired Greyhound Trust.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have been interested in greyhounds,” said Amy, who lives in Tawneys Ride.

“My dad was really into them and he now looks after about 16 dogs.”

The trust is dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds when their racing days are over. It has kennels across the country.

“The main aim is to find them new homes and take care of them because some of them have injuries, such as broken bones from racing,” said Amy.

“Unfortunately, a lot of them cannot find homes and I volunteer with the trust and get involved with walking the dogs on a Sunday.”

Four-year-old Denzil, who has become a part of Amy’s family, came from the charity. She will be thinking of him on June 16, when she leaps out of a light aircraft during the trust’s Fall for Hounds event at an airfield in Peterborough.

“Greyhounds are such loving animals and have a great temperament,” she said. “They need the chance to be able to show their affectionate side after they have shown their sporty side.”

It will be the first time Amy has taken part in a skydive, but she will not be on her own. Friend and colleague Anna Webber, who works with Amy at Coffee Link at Marks Tey railway station, will be joining her.

“I went into work one day and told everyone what I was doing and, a few days later, Anna asked if she could do it, too,” said Amy. “We are both starting to get a bit nervous.”

Amy has her sights set on raising £500 for the trust, which rehomes around 8,000 greyhounds each year, and is looking forward to the aptly-named survival barbecue after the jump.

“My mum says I am a massive wimp, so I hope I get through it,” she said.

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