Lorry skids into wall

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A LORRY skidded on ice on a Sudbury road and damaged a resident’s wall last week.

Richard Appleton’s wall was struck by a Rontec Butler lorry after it got stuck in Sandy Lane early on Monday morning.

“The lorry got up past my drive but couldn’t get any further,” said Mr Appleton, whose driveway is around 30 yards from the entrance to Sandy Lane. “It slid back on the ice into my wall

“It damaged the top level of bricks and took a gouge out of the wall below.

“The driver made a mess of his rear light cluster – I have the parts to prove it.”

The lorry was stuck for around two hours before the driver went to get help from colleagues at the oil depot.

“Nobody could get up or down Sandy Lane while he was there,” said Mr Appleton, who has two children, Sarah and William.

Residents of Sandy Lane have been involved in a running dispute with the depot over the number of lorries coming in and out of the site, and formed an action group last year.

A compromise was reached between the two parties following a public inquiry, with restrictions set on the number, size and frequency of vehicles, while a residents’ charter for monitoring the activity was agreed.

David Hauff, logistics services manager at Butler Fuels said: “Following large snow in the area, we can confirm that an in-bound fuel tanker was involved in an incident on the corner of Bulmer Road and Sandy Lane.

“Slight damage to a wall was caused. We are currently investigating the cause of the incident.”

Mr Hauff added: “We take safety very seriously, with the company and the local neighbours having recently agreed a neighbours charter and to have regular consultative meetings.”