Look what I found at work!

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LITTER warden Steven Seaton got more than he bargained for when he went to empty a rubbish bin in Nayland.

As quick as a flash, a brown and white guinea pig ran out from the bottom of the bin and gave the council contractor a fright.

“At first, I jumped back thinking it was a rat but then I saw it was fluffy and realised it was a guinea pig.

“Luckily, there were some rubbish bin collectors passing and we managed to corner it and pick it up.

“I’ve named it Flash because it’s so quick.”

The lost pet has now been homed temporarily in Sudbury and the hope is his, or her, owners will come forward to claim their pet.

Mr Seaton’s company, The Landscape Group, which carries out street cleaning and ground maintenance for Babergh District Council, has now jokingly named itself the animal rescue group after also finding two stray dogs and three kittens in recent months.

Daniel Whymark, Babergh’s local environment quality officer, said: “Our litter warden has a microchip scanner and we would urge pet owners to have their pets chipped so that they can be contacted if their animal gets lost.”