Long Melford Roll of Honour

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Latest community news from the Suffolk Free Press, suffolkfreepress.co.uk, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
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Long Melford Heritage Centre wants the relatives of those who fought in the First World War to get in touch.

The centre is keen to get photographs of the soldiers featured on the village’s Roll of Honour.

Below are the list of names. Contact heritage centre volunteer John Broughton on 01787 880886 if you have any photos.

Albon, Basil William

Coote, Albert Charles

Lawrance, Hugh Rippin

Salter, Harry Henry William Joseph

Albon, Ephraim John

Death, Arthur William

Lilley, Albert

Salter, William

Allen, William Canalis

Deeks, Walter

Lilley, Bertie John

Sansum, George Henry

Allen, William George

Drake, Robert Edward

Lilly, William George

Sansum, George

Ambrose, George

Duce, Bert

Mackinder, William Robert

Sansum, George William

Andrews, Launcelot Charles Victor

Duce, Walter

March, William

Sansum, Sidney Charles

Beales, Edward James

Eady, William Thomas

Martin, Arthur

Sarnsum, George

Belsham, Horace

Finch, John Patrick

Martin, Frederick

Sewell, Owen Charles

Bigg, Spencer

Finlay, Kenneth Neil

Matthews, William Hyham

Shelley, Sidney Arnold

Bigg, Walter

Fitch, Herbert Edward

Messenger, Charles

Shinn, Richard

Bixby, William

Ford, James

Middleditch, Frederick Charles

Snell, Oswald

Boreham, William Charles

French, Charles William

Neave, Leonard Jarvie

Stanhope, James

Boulden, Frank

Goody, Walter M.C.

Palmer, Austin Jarvis

Stebbing, Charles William

Braithwaite, Francis Joseph

Grice, George Frederick

Parmenter, Harry

Tatum, Alfred

Braithwaite, Humphrey Layland

Gridley, Bertie

Perkins, Maurice Stanley

Tatum, Charles

Braithwaite, Margaret Dorothea

Grimes, Archibald Edward

Perry, Edward Thomas

Thompson, Tom

Branwhite, Eric Reginald

Hardy, Sidney

Pettitt, Harry

Thompson, William M.M.

Brown, Basil James

Harrison, Frank

Piper, Bert

Tolchard, Leslie Arthur

Butcher, Samuel Thomas

Honeyball, Frederick

Potter, Walter John

Totman, Edward John

Byford, Hubert George

Howard, William

Ranson, Clifford

Turner, Arthur James

Cansdale, Frederick George

Howard, William

Ranson, Sidney

Whent, Reginald Victor

Codling, Leonard

Hurrell, Bertie

Reynolds, Arthur Charles

Wright, George

Coe, George

Johnson, James

Rising, Frederick

Younger, Harry

Coe, William Charles

Last, Joseph

Salisbury, Gordon Jack