Library has ‘no room for centre’

Attempts to relocate Sudbury Heritage Centre should focus on the town’s empty shops rather than the library, it has been claimed.

After learning of discussions to move the museum from its current home at the town hall in Gaol Lane, Marie Lewis, chairman of the Friends of Sudbury Library, said a switch to the former Corn Exchange should be ruled out due to a lack of space.

“The space in the library for books and reference material has already been reduced by the relocation of the Tourist Information Office,” she said. “If anything, the library needs enlarging.”

Proposals to move the centre to the library emerged during a Sudbury Town Council meeting last week. A possible extension of the museum at the town hall is also being considered.

Mrs Lewis said if the centre was to move, there were better options than the library.

“There are several empty shops in the town which would make an ideal home for the heritage museum,” she said.

Council clerk Sue Brotherwood, who is on the board of directors for the IPS – the organisation which manages Suffolk’s libraries – said switching the museum to the library was just an idea.

James Powell, a spokesman for the IPS, said the group was aware of the idea.

“There has been no formal request to accommodate the museum at the library,” he said. “The impact of any changes on the library’s existing activities and customers would have to be taken into account if a formal proposal is made.”