Lavenham TV medium with rare insight

Every week a small band of believers steps inside one of Lavenham's famous timber-framed houses in an attempt to make more sense of their lives.

The group, from many walks of life, come to see Sudbury born-and-bred Lizzie Falconer, who is one of the country's most sought-after mediums.

Mrs Falconer, 42, gave up a job seven years ago to become a full-time "psychic medium and soul-therapist".

Since then her powers have seen her star in the ITV show Ghostly Tales of the Unexpected and treat people from Hollywood to Hampstead.

The mother-of-three said: "I'm helping Sandra, a lady with terminal cancer, to think more positively. I'm trying to help her combat the cancer which plagues her life," said Mrs Falconer.

"I have done psychic readings for A-list Hollywood names, famous models and some famous British TV personalities.

"I believe strongly in the work that I do.

"Most of my success comes from being an honest and accurate reader and teaching the people I work with some simple spiritual lessons and how to trust their intuition.

"It gives me great pleasure to watch people grow both spiritually and emotionally, and to help them develop their intuition to get on the right path, to find happiness and contentment in there lives".

But there are a large number of people – perhaps the majority – who treat mediums with a large dollop of scepticism.

What does she say to them?

"I don't have a problem with people being sceptical," said Mrs Falconer. "If someone wants to be sceptical then it's up to them. I would be quite happy for them to attend a session before they make a decision.

"I would say that there are very few people in this world who have not had something strange happen to them at some point in their lives."

Melanie Newman, 36, of Lavenham, started attending Mrs Falconer's Thursday night sessions after the death of her brother.

She said: "Through Lizzie I have managed to contact my brother a couple of times. Now I feel closer to him. I have gained a lot of confidence from these sessions."

Mrs Falconer was told by her grandmother that she had the "gift of sight" when she was a child.

"My grandmother used to read playing cards for friends who came to the house. She would stop people in the street and pass on messages," Mrs Falconer said.

"One day a friend popped round after coming back disappointed from a psychic reading.

"She asked me to have a go so I did, trying to remember what my nana used to do.

"I stared into the distance and suddenly got this overwhelming urge to tell her that she was pregnant with twins. She was indeed six weeks pregnant but only her husband knew.

"A few weeks later she called to say that she had been for a scan and yes, she was having twins. That was where I started.

"I believe everyone is psychic.

"Now I teach people how to turn on their powers."

To contact Mrs Falconer call 01787 249591 or visit