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Lavenham brings in Sudbury wardens

Sudbury's community wardens are to work with Lavenham Parish Council following a new deal. ANL-160803-113517001
Sudbury's community wardens are to work with Lavenham Parish Council following a new deal. ANL-160803-113517001

Lavenham Parish Council has teamed up with Sudbury’s Community Wardens in a bid to help reduce dog fouling, litter and careless parking.

Visiting a couple of times a month the wardens will patrol public areas at random times and have the power to issue on the spot fines for anti-social behaviour.

Parish council chairman Carroll Reeve said: “Lavenham Parish Council is gradually assuming more responsibility for what goes on in the village.

“We have already taken over the public toilets and the car parks, the Lavenham Railway walk and now, with the appointment of our village warden Peter Ince, the responsibility for street cleaning as well.

“We have recently installed new play equipment on our first meadow recreation ground and it is essential that in shared public spaces such as this and the sports fields that we have some means of encouraging responsible dog ownership.

“Sudbury’s wardens will also help to compensate for reductions in routine neighbourhood policing by also keeping an eye out for careless litter dropping and parking infringements.

“We hope that these new arrangements will not only improve the presentation of the village for visitors but also help support the wonderful voluntary efforts of our residents to keep the village looking good.”

The parish council will be making a financial contribution to Sudbury for the use of the community wardens but parish council vice-chairman Roy Whitworth said this was quite reasonable.

Initially the agreement will be for a six-month trial period only.

“We are trying a softly softly approach without being too heavy handed,” said Mr Whitworth.

“These guys have delegated powers. If necessary they can carry out enforcement which we haven’t got, so it’s an important step for us.”

Sudbury Town Council clerk Jacqui Howells added: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Lavenham Parish Council to help tackle the problem of dog fouling and littering in the village.

“It is disappointing that despite efforts by the parish council to keep its streets and parks clean there are still a few persistent offenders who continue to spoil the area.

“Our Community Wardens have gained Community Safety Accreditation which gives them the power to issue fixed penalty notices if required.

“They will be working in partnership with the newly appointed community warden in Lavenham to tackle the problem areas.”

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