Keep vehicles safe with marking session

Police are holding a catalytic converter marking session in Sudbury this weekend.

The event is being held at Red Star Garage on Woodhall Business Park between midday and 2pm on Saturday.

Officers want drivers of 4x4 vehicles and vans to attend the free session.

Verity Line, Babergh crime reduction officer, who has organised the converter marking, said it would help reduce crime levels in the area.

“Vehicles with a high ground clearance are a favourite of offenders,” said Mrs Line.

“These include 4x4s, Ford Rangers, Mercedes and Iveco vans. These are easier to target as it is easy to crawl under the vehicle and remove the catalytic converter, which usually takes only a matter of minutes.”

As well as having converters marked, officers are reminding drivers that they can keep their vehicles safe by using alarms and CCTV to deter thieves, while parking in a garage or well-lit pubic area.

Large vans and 4x4s are requested to attend the session between 1pm and 2pm.