Joy as Sudbury path becomes official bridleway

Cllr John Sayers ANL-140429-172859009
Cllr John Sayers ANL-140429-172859009

Riders and councillors from Sudbury have spoken of their delight following a decision to give a well-used footpath official bridleway status.

Scores of horse riders from Sudbury turned out to put their points of view across at a public inquiry held on July 31 and on August 21, a planning inspector made the decision that the path could become an official bridleway.

The riders, who had used the track for 20 years, had been battling since 2009 to get a footpath near Brundon Lane designated as a bridleway after the current landowner challenged its use in 2008.

Suffolk County Council had agreed a modification order for it to be designated as a bridleway in June 2013 but the landowners, the Norman family, objected to the move concerned it would be used by unauthorised vehicles.

The order and the objection were therefore sent to the planning inspectorate and on August 21 an independent inspector confirmed the order.

The confirmation will be advertised and there will then be a six week high court objection period, though currently the only grounds for objection would be a procedural error.

Christine Chaplin, who lead the riders’ campaign said the decision was “great news” while Sudbury town councillor John Sayers praised the campaigners’ efforts.

“This is quite an achievement,” he said. “The other track they have been using isn’t safe at all.”