It’s crash alley, say residents

Residents of a main road in Lavenham are looking for help to halt a long-standing problem of lorries crashing into their homes.

Householders in Water Street, which is an A road, say they suffer a regular barrage of damage to their mainly listed properties.

This is caused as a result of drivers of high-sided vehicles being forced to mount pavements to pass parked cars and oncoming traffic.

The problem is made worse by the narrowness of the pavements, and the fact that a lot of the medieval homes jut out into the road.

Helen Burgess, from The White Horse, has had lantern lights ripped from their moorings at the front of her centuries-old property on more than one occasion.

“The lanterns are now firmly secured, but they have had to be replaced after being ripped off,” she said. “We also had a corner of the house hit; it took a big chunk out of it.

“I take my life in my hands every day by stepping out of my house on to the pavement,” she added.

Mrs Burgess said lorries using the road as a cut through to Hadleigh and the A14.

Retired builder Clive Amos, who owns Basils, a 600-year-old listed building in the street, said his home had been hit three times by lorries, pulling down his guttering.

“The wing mirrors on these lorries stick out a long way,” he said. “They are probably responsible for a lot of damage because they scrape along the buildings. These drivers must know what they have done.

“I have had to foot the bill for the damage which was around £1,000, but I am relatively lucky because I can get the building work done. Something has got to be done before something drastic happens.”

He said satellite navigation systems made the situation worse as drivers looked for the shortest routes.

Another Water Street resident, who asked not to be named, said it was dangerous for pedestrians, particularly for mums with pushchairs.