Internet marvel Elise earns top TV deal

A former Long Melford woman has been given her own TV show celebrating her unreserved love for all things scientific.

Elise Andrew hit the headlines in 2012 when a Facebook page she created called “I F*****g Love Science” became an internet sensation.

The then Sheffield University student used the site to showcase weird and wonderful facts about science, with jokes and pictures – and it proved an instant hit, amassing 4.5 million fans in its first year.

She was inspired to start the page by a fascinating fact from one of her lectures.

“I remember learning that there was a protein in humans called Sonic Hedgehog,” said Elise. “I thought ‘Why doesn’t everybody know this?’.”

The show, to be aired on the Science Channel, is currently in preproduction and Elise hopes it will be ready by the autumn for audiences both in Canada, where she now lives, and the UK.

“The Science Channel got in touch with me over a year ago,” she explained. “They’re huge fans of the page.

“The great thing about it is how quickly it can move from one thing to another – in the space of an hour, I’ll talk about a new astrophysics paper, a funny cartoon and who knows what else.

“We’re hoping to capture that and translate it to TV.”

Elise, who works for LabX Media Group, now runs a website dedicated to the subject, as well as pages on Facebook and Twitter.

She said: “I pretty much have two full-time jobs, but I love what I do.”

The Facebook page has 11.3million followers, and Elise employs three writers for her website.

You might think that after two years of non-stop fact-hunting, she would be bored, but not so.

“I don’t think I could do this if I didn’t love it,” she said. “I still get so excited learning new things – I’ll read about something amazing and just want to shout it to the world.

“I read constantly, science magazines and books. That’s the great thing about science, every question answered leads to 10 more questions. It’s never done, never finished.”