Improving the quality of Sudbury life

sudbury street sign ENGANL00120130214111725
sudbury street sign ENGANL00120130214111725

Concerned Sudbury residents have been working with the town council to help improve the quality of life in their area.

After concerns were raised by Springlands residents in Sudbury the town council has been working on several initiatives to help improve their environment.

On August 17, at The Community Hub in Northern Road, the First Avenue, Second Avenue, Essex Avenue and Talbot Road areas were discussed.

This followed a ‘Deal with it Day’ event on July 7, held on part of Springlands, during which ward members were available to discuss concerns with the public.

The town council’s Community Wardens, together with representatives from Babergh District Council (BDC) and the police attended and spent the day picking up litter, collecting fly tipping and generally tidying up the area.

A Springlands Focus Group meeting was also held on July 13, with representatives from BDC, police, the town council and ward members.

Organisers of the event, Councillor Jan Osborne and Community Warden Bradley Smith, stated that the event was a successful way of engaging with the public and it is hoped that this will lead to an improved quality of life with residents taking the initiative to continue discussions.