Ideas put forward for Belle Vue use

Sudbury town councillors met district council officials on Tuesday to discuss ideas for the future of Belle Vue House.

Babergh District Council has budgeted for rebuilding or renovation costs of up to £800,000 in the next two years and ideas including using the building as a wedding venue have been put forward.

Simon Barrett, chairman of the Sudbury Steering Group and district councillor, attended the meeting.

He said: “We gave a presentation of options and the town council needs to come up with some ideas of what it would like to see there.

“These will get passed on to the steering group and we will work on whether these are feasible. We are all looking at things like what will happen with the Citizens Advice Bureau and other occupants.”

Belle Vue House currently houses The Hub youth club, the 12Plus student service and Education Other Than At School as well as the CAB.

Jack Owen, Sudbury mayor, said: “We had a brainstorm on Tuesday and collected some of the views expressed by people through the media and town hall and put those together.”

The steering group will meet with councillors again on May 10. Mr Owen said the discussions were still at very early stages in the process and no decisions had yet been made.

“We need to get a better understanding of the state of the building,” he said.

“Whatever goes in there must be able to stand on its own two feet. Both the town council and Babergh District Council are on the same wavelength in that we want to see it put to good community use.

“It needs to be commercially viable,” added Mr Owen.

Hotel chain Premier Inn has expressed an interest in buying land currently used as a BMX park in Belle Vue Park for a new hotel.