‘I have done my upmost to stop repeat of attack’

UNDER CONTROL: Mary Burbeck with her dogs, Dexter and Taz, at home in Boxford.
UNDER CONTROL: Mary Burbeck with her dogs, Dexter and Taz, at home in Boxford.

The owner of a Staffordshire bull terrier, which left another dog requiring veterinary care following an attack, says she is being unfairly vilified.

Pookie, a three-legged Jack Russell, suffered injuries to her stomach after being set upon by two-year-old bull terrier Dexter on Boxford Playing Field. Her owner Sally Jenkinson was also left with a £518 vet bill for the treatment.

Despite doing all she can to prevent a repeat of the attack, Dexter’s owner, Mary Burbeck, from Swan Street, said she is still encountering abuse from dog owners and villagers two months on.

“I have been getting a lot of harassment from villagers,” said Mrs Burbeck, 21.

“I cannot go up to the playing field because I feel so uncomfortable and have had people shouting at me and knocking on my windows.”

Mrs Burbeck, who owns two other bull terriers, Taz and Troy, said she had bought a muzzle for Dexter since the attack on March 25.

She had also settled the vet bill and visited Mrs Jenkinson at her home in Ellis Street to apologise.

“Something like this had never happened before and it was totally unexpected,” said Mrs Burbeck, who moved to Boxford at the beginning of the year.

“I am very sorry that it did happen and everything that I can do to stop it happening again has been done.

“I want people walking their dogs to feel safe. People should not be shouting at me to control my dog when he is on a lead and has a muzzle.”

She added that she was a “loving dog owner” and had intervened when Dexter began biting seven-year-old Pookie on the leg, while she chatted to Mrs Jenkinson.

“There was no indication and then, all of a sudden, Dexter started biting the other dog, and then Taz came over very briefly to see what was going on,” added Mrs Burbeck.

“I jumped in and was calling for help while trying to separate the two dogs.

“I was distraught about what happened and I would never have intentionally put any other dog or person in danger.”

Police officers visited Mrs Burbeck after the incident had been reported. They were satisfied that she had agreed to pay Pookie’s vet bill and had taken measures to control her pets. No further action was taken.