Hunt for turtle continues

MISSING pet owner Sue Keedy says she thinks her lost turtle has been taken in by a kind-hearted family in Great Cornard.

Lolo, who is really a boy, has lived with Sue and her family in Bures Road for eight years although the box turtle, which frequently gets mistaken for a tortoise, is estimated to be around 15 years old.

Lolo disappeared from the family’s vegetable patch three weeks’ ago.

“Unfortunately, he has not returned, but he may have been found by a family with a small boy who were seen in B&Q in Sudbury,” said Sue.

“Staff rang me to say that a gentleman and his son had come in to buy wood to build a house for a tortoise they had just found.

“I would like to stress to this person that he is not a tortoise and has to be kept inside as he is a cold-blooded creature who will die if left outside.”

Sue said she would be happy to buy the boy a tortoise if she could get Lolo back.