How can you live with yourself?

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THREE months ago a car or van – maroon or red in colour – struck and seriously injured Donna Rumsey. He, or she, is still at large.

Mrs Rumsey was having fun with her six-year-old granddaughter, feeding ducks and swans from a single-track bridge in Brundon Lane, Sudbury.

The impact of the hit-and-run accident floored the 84-year-old, breaking her collar bone and seriously injuring her ankle.

Bravely, she kept calm for the sake of her granddaughter until help arrived. Then she dissolved into tears. She remembers nothing of that terrible day and now her family fear the accident has brought on early dementia.

No-one has been arrested for this callous crime, despite an initial promising response to a police appeal for information.

If you were the driver, why did you fail to stop and help this poor woman? How can you live with yourself every day knowing this is what you have done? Isn’t it time you turned yourself in?

It has taken weeks of care to get Mrs Rumsey, once an independent woman, back into her home again. She now requires daily nursing.

If you were the driver, do the decent thing – come forward and end this family’s agony.

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