Housing estate set to be renamed after confusion

Glemsford residents have been left “confused” after a new housing estate was given the same name as an existing road in the village.

Signs for Bloor Homes’ 56-house development near Crownfield Road went up before Christmas with the name Fern Hill – identical to that of a small road about half-a-mile away.

Victoria Choppin, who has lived on Fern Hill for 14 years, said Bloor Homes was attempting to use Fern Hill’s reputation as a picturesque location to sell the houses.

“It is hanging on the coat tails of what we have,” she said.

“We have already had our shopping delivered down there, the driver called up and said she couldn’t find us within a week of the signs going up on the green. We have also had post delivered here addressed for Mr Bloor at Fern Hill.”

Mrs Choppin’s daughter Rosie, who runs her homeware business Dear Blackbird from their house, said she had already suffered delivery delays thanks to a month of diversions caused by work on the development last year and was worried about further mix-ups impacting on business.

“Apart from anything else, it’s cheeky,” said Mrs Choppin.

“The development is nowhere near Fern Hill, there are several addresses in between.”

Michael Brown, chairman of Glemsford Parish Council, said the site manager was told before Christmas that Fern Hill was already a road.

“We were quite shocked as it is confusing for people moving into the village, or for new postmen,” he said.

“It’s strange that it went ahead and printed the signs.”

Mr Brown added that the company had asked the parish council’s opinion on four new names for the site.

A Babergh District Council spokeswoman said it had spoken to Bloor Homes and would be investigating the signs.