Homes without water due to leak

A VILLAGE had its water supply abruptly turned off at the weekend due to a major water leak.

Residents in Boxford and the surrounding area found their homes were without any water at about 6pm on Sunday, and they had to wait until 10pm before they were back on tap again.

Anglian Water said the disruption was caused by a cast iron water main bursting in Hadleigh Road.

The incident had happened earlier in the day, resulting in water pressure falling. Water company workers spent most of the day repairing the main and stopping the leak.

A company spokesman said: “There was a burst seven-inch cast iron main in Hadleigh Road which affected between 50 and 100 householders in Boxford and the surrounding vicinity.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience the interruption to supply caused.

“The leak had happened earlier in the day at 7am and this had caused low water pressure during the day.

“However, we eventually had to turn off the supply in order to carry out the repairs and it was restored by 9.30pm.

“It may have taken a little while longer for some people to get their supply back as pressure needs to build back up again in the network.”

He said burst pipes were common at any time of the year but climate conditions and small movements in dry soil may cause damage to the pipework.

Anglian Water also has procedures in place for distributing bottled water if supplies are disrupted for more than eight hours, added the spokesman.