Homes plan was ‘the best deal on table’

PLANS to build 56 homes on land surrounding a village green in Glemsford have been approved.

Concerns about the number of parking spaces, sewage problems and increased traffic were dismissed as the proposed development on land north of Crownfield Road was voted through yesterday.

The application, submitted by Bloor Homes, was discussed by members of Babergh District Council’s development committee.

It will include 20 affordable homes and 128 parking spaces built around a children’s play area and pond, which will be used to store surface water and feed into a drainage system.

Rex Thake, district councillor for Glemsford, said the plans were the best he had seen for the 1.8-hectare site, which had a previous application for 56 homes granted on appeal in June 2010. This scheme never went ahead.

“I believe there is still going to be traffic problems but the highways department has said this will not be an issue and you have to go with what the statutory bodies say,” he said.

Peter Beer, chairman of the committee, said the development was “the best deal on the table”.

Residents had complained to the council that the homes would add to congestion and were being built in the wrong part of the village, while Glemsford Parish Council, despite backing the proposals, said the extra traffic would increase pressure on the road infrastructure.

Peter Holbrook, councillor for Bures, said he was concerned that there were only five parking spaces allocated for visitors and also questioned why there were only four affordable houses with three or more bedrooms.

“Once the homes are fully occupied, there is going to be a lot of on-street parking,” he said.

“There is also a huge disparity in the number of bedrooms many of the affordable homes have compared to the other homes.”

Stuart McAdam, case officer, said the development had an “over provision” of parking spaces according to Suffolk advisory standards, as each home had at least two spaces.

“This is considered to be an acceptable form of development surrounding a village green concept,” he added.

Members voted to approve the development.