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Hitcham puppy gets himself into sticky situation

Marley the dog pictured after his operation with his vet and owners Beverley and Simon King.
Marley the dog pictured after his operation with his vet and owners Beverley and Simon King.

A puppy needed emergency surgery after swallowing a tube of glue which expanded into a 15cm ball in its stomach.

Marley, a seven-month-old cocker spaniel, chewed through a tube of glue his owner was using for home improvements.

He was rushed to the vets by his worried owners Simon and Beverley King who, as reported by the BBC, live in Hitcham.

When he started vomiting and not wanting to eat, X-rays were taken by vet Gemma Ninnmey at Highcliff Veterinary Practice in Hadleigh.

She discovered a large obstruction in his stomach and referred him to specialist vets Dick White Referrals in Six Mile Bottom, near Newmarket, because she was worried about complications.

Jan Wade from Dick White Referrals said: “At first, his owners thought he had just got it all over his paws and he seemed to be ok.

“The vet had decided to refer him to us because it had expanded but it was not attached to his stomach so they knew it wasn’t a tumour.

“Sometimes Marley would be able to eat and it would pass through and other times he would not be able to eat at all.

“It was just bouncing around in his stomach.”

A thorough examination and an ultrasound showed a large ‘foreign body’ in his stomach.

Surgical specialist Pieter Nellisen conducted an hour-long operation to remove the glue - which had expanded to a 15cm ball in Marley’s stomach.

Jan said: “It came as quite a surprise to his owners when they saw the photographs of the ball of expanded glue, which measured about 15cm in diameter.

“You could see when it was removed that it was the same shape as his stomach, it had completely expanded. It was incredible.

“It’s not often we have to remove a large lump of expandable glue from a puppy’s stomach.”

Thankfully, Marley’s operation was a success and he recovered well.

The pooch was ready to return home within 24 hours and has seen no ill effects from his adventurous snack.

Jan added: “We were a bit worried doing the surgery when he was only seven months old but he just bounced back, we couldn’t believe it.”

Marley’s owner, Simon, said: “The care that Marley has received here is second to none.

“The vets were brilliant and kept in touch with us throughout to let us know what was happening.”

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