Helping firms think greener

A recycling service has been set up in Sudbury to help businesses think greener.

The Sudbury Resource Centre is calling on businesses to sort their paper, cardboard and shrink-wrap and take it to its centre in Northern Road on the Chilton Industrial Estate.

It is hoped the venture, which is being supported by Babergh District Council, will help companies become more environmentally responsible and avoid rising landfill taxes.

Centre manager Marion Corner said: “I am very pleased to be working with the council on this forward-looking project.

“We have had excellent feedback from local businesses and I feel we are providing a really valuable service.”

All materials collected will be sold on to companies producing goods from recycled material, such as paper manufacturers.

“All the money we make will be ploughed back into the Resource Centre, which provides invaluable training to adults with learning difficulties, many of whom we hope will go on to get recognised qualifications to help them secure long-term employment elsewhere,” said Mrs Corner.

Peter Garnett, waste strategy officer for Babergh, said: “I have been extremely impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of the Sudbury Resource Centre and this recycling service will be a tremendous benefit to local businesses.”