Woman, 110, in care fight

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THE family of one of the oldest people in the country is battling to stop her being moved into a care home, writes Anne Wise.

Kathleen Grimwood will be 110 years old on August 19, and her family says she would be a lot happier if she can at least stay in her own home in The Croft, Sudbury, for her big day.

She will become what is known as a super-centenarian at the age of 110.

Her nephew, Martin Grimwood, said she is quite fit and prefers to live at home – with help from daily carers.

But she can no longer afford to pay the £600 weekly care bill and this means she will have to sell up and use the funds to go into a care home.

“She certainly wishes to stay in her own home,” he said. “Social services have been involved but so far have not helped very much.

“She has carers overnight and a cleaner during the day and is doing very well. For the last seven years, she has been able to afford to have care at home but that money has now dried up.”

Family members are planning a celebration for her 110th birthday and are organising a trip on the River Stour for the weekend following her big day. She has lived in her home in The Croft for more than 50 years.

Miss Grimwood, an ex-school matron, was born in Sudbury and had a twin sister, Gertrude, who died at the age of 90, as well as brothers Ted, George and younger sister Joan.

Her father was born in Sudbury – and he and his father before him managed the Sudbury gasworks. Her mother was from Bury St Edmunds. She has another nephew in Great Waldingfield as well as a nephew and niece in Australia.

Mr Grimwood, from Woodbridge, said his aunt regularly attended St Gregory’s Church in a wheelchair and he thought she might the oldest person in Suffolk.

According to the website Oldest in Britain, the oldest person is Violet Wood, from Whitstable, who is 111.