Test dishes out stars

A FOOD hygiene rating scheme, which awards stars to restaurants and cafes based on cleanliness, has found that more than 60 per cent of businesses in Babergh have high standards of hygiene.

Babergh District Council has been operating its Scores on the Doors scheme for two years.

The scheme awards star rating certificates to food businesses based on hygiene practices, structure and cleanliness, along with the management of the business.

Out of 414 businesses that have been issued with certificates so far, 159 received the maximum five stars and 116 four stars, while only two premises in the area received no stars.

Emma Richbell, Babergh’s senior food and safety officer, said: “We are delighted that more than 65 per cent of the food businesses in Babergh have been awarded either four or five stars.

“The scheme has proved to be a good incentive for businesses to work towards the highest hygiene standards.

“At present, the displaying of star rating certificates is voluntary, but as all eligible businesses have been awarded a star rating.

“If you do not see a certificate when you visit a food business, you should be asking why?”

All the current star ratings can be viewed on the council’s website or by visiting www.scoresonthedoors.org.uk.