Shop staff shed pounds

FLAB-FIGHTING colleagues at a Sudbury shop have shed the pounds in a team weight-loss effort.

The six staff members from Winch and Blatch, on Market Hill, have lost a combined total of 185 pounds, or over 13 stone, since joining a Weight Watchers group in January.

Senior sales advisor Mark Wright, 30, from Sudbury, has shed three-and-a-half stone, and is now around two stone from his target weight.

He said: “It has been amazing. We started off walking around Sudbury, then moved on to the railway walk, and now we power-walk from the store, round the railway walk and Brundon Mill and back across the meadows to the group meeting on Wednesday nights.

“We have all said that being in the group and staying for the meetings has really helped, as there are some weeks where you don’t want to go but everyone else encourages you.”

Mr Wright decided to take action about his weight following a health scare last year.

“I went for an eye test, which discovered a haemorrhage,” he said. “It freaked me out, as it could have been caused by anything from diabetes and heart disease to a powerful sneeze.

“The tests came back fine, but that was the wake up call to do something.”

Another member of the team, who did not wish to be named, has managed to shed 60 pounds as a result of the weight-loss programme.