GP surgeries get positive results

SERVICES provided by the area’s GP practices have been praised by patients in a national survey.

The GP Patient Survey was sent to more than one million patients across the country in January, asking them to rate the care and facilities they have received.

Around 150 patients from Siam Surgery responded, with the majority praising their GPs and nurses.

Half rated the surgery as very good overall, with 42 per cent saying it was fairly good, while 66 per cent said they definitely trusted their GP.

The amount of time patients were given by nurses was rated as very good by 61 per cent, with 68 per cent definitely trusting them.

The survey results, published online, also revealed that around one in six respondents had arthritis or joint pain, a fifth had high blood pressure and 10 per cent were diabetic. One sixth also said they provided up to nine hours of care per week for a family member.

Some negative statistics from the survey were that almost a third of respondents did not know how to contact their out-of-hours GP service and 10 per cent said they had to wait far too long for their appointments.

Of the 25 people who answered the question, 92 per cent said they wanted Siam Surgery to open on a Saturday.

Patients of the other surgeries in the area also scored highly.

Clare Guildhall patients rated it the highest in the area, with 67 per cent of 153 patients saying it is very good overall. Three quarters of patients wanted it to open after 6.30pm and 83 per cent wanted it open on a Saturday.

Hardwicke House surgery was rated very good overall by 44 per cent of 114 patients, with 46 per cent fairly good, and Glemsford Surgery was a very good overall experience for 57 per cent of 143 patients, with 65 per cent of respondents wanting it open on a Saturday and 75 per cent after 6.30pm.

Dr Christopher Browning, chairman of the West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “These results are a testament to the hard work of our GP practice teams who should be proud of achieving such an impressive level of patient feedback.

“As changes take place within the NHS over the next year, local GPs will all be striving to give an even stronger focus on local needs.”

The full results for all GP surgeries in the country can be found at