Cancer Awareness

SUFFOLK residents are being urged to be more aware of the important symptoms of three of the UK’s biggest cancers.

The Be Clear on Cancer campaign, which is being organised by the NHS Anglia Cancer Network, is aiming to increase the number of people who know the common symptoms of breast, bowel and lung cancer.

Around 1,100 people across the county are affected by these three cancers each year, but a large number of residents are unaware of how they can identify the illness or the factors that put them at risk.

Dr Simon Rudland, a Suffolk-based GP, said: “Breast, bowel and lung cancer are the three cancers for which early diagnosis saves many lives so there is a real opportunity to make a difference with this campaign.

“As a GP, I often see people who have had symptoms for weeks or even months – very often ignoring them or sitting at home worrying about them.”

There are a number of general cancer symptoms to look out for, such as unexplained weight loss and chronic fatigue, as well as more specific signs.

Dr Rudland said: “One of the issues is that people are scared about what they’ll hear but most of the time; these symptoms will not be cancer and if they are it is much better to get them checked out as soon as possible.”

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