Health food staff go solo

FOUR women who were made redundant from a health food shop in Sudbury on Saturday have found themselves unexpectedly thrown back into work together again, writes Anne Wise.

The quartet lost their jobs when the Golden Harvest Health Foods store in North Street closed at the weekend. It had been used as a health food shop in some form for the last 25 years.

Manager Dann Read said the decline in the amount of shoppers in North Street had resulted in the decision to close the independent venture.

But shop assistant Jane Pearson, from Belle Vue Road, Sudbury, has decided to open her own health food shop in the town – and she has asked the other three workers to join her.

Jane, together with Vanessa Bremner, from Friars Street, Kath Phillips, from Middleton Road, and Caron Downs, from Phillips Field Road will all be back working together in a shop called Health Foods For You, in Friars Street.

It will open in two weeks’ time and will sell the same products as the Golden Harvest store, with the addition of sports nutrition products.

Jane, 44, who has a health and beauty background, said: “It was very strange finding yourself being made redundant one minute and then having a job the next. It’s great to be working together again.

“When we heard the shop was going to close, I tried to put together a proposal to run it but that wasn’t accepted so I thought ‘why not do it myself’.

“I’ve been to see the bank manager and sorted out the lease on the shop and we’re all busy at the moment painting and fitting out the shop.

“When the Golden Harvest closed, we had people in the shop in tears because they were worried they would not be able to get some of the speciality food items anywhere else.

“So we want to carry on providing the same advisory service, support and advice that people were used to getting,” she added.

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