Have you got the urge to maintain a town verge?

SUDBURY SHRUBBERY: Peter Gray and John Sayers want keen gardeners.
SUDBURY SHRUBBERY: Peter Gray and John Sayers want keen gardeners.
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A new scheme which would give keen gardeners the chance to brighten up areas around Sudbury has been launched this week.

After receiving complaints from residents about unsightly patches of land, Peter Gray and John Sayers came up with the idea of getting permission for volunteers to tend them.

Mr Gray, who is a Sudbury town councillor but stressed this is a personal initiative, said: “There are lots of little strips of land around, verges that are covered in weeds and a bit of an eyesore.

“If someone has the interest in planting something and brightening up the place, then why shouldn’t they be able to?”

He explained that most of the areas of land in question were owned by Babergh District Council, as well as a few other bodies, and that he and Mr Sayers would seek permission, allowing a volunteer to plant whatever they want provided they keep their patch tidy and maintained.

Mr Gray said: “The hope is that people would get pleasure and health benefits from the work and feel that they are contributing to the beauty of our townscape.

“The scheme would enhance and diversify the habitat for wildlife and perhaps help towards Sudbury in Bloom’s quest for that elusive gold medal.”

He said that some areas close to Sudbury Tennis Club in Quay Lane had been adopted for several years.

“This stands as an excellent example of how a neglected strip can be transformed into a riot of colour,” he said.

Mr Sayers said the idea would work alongside Sudbury in Bloom, of which he is a committee member.

“It is really an extension of Sudbury in Bloom,” he said.

“It is all part of an improvement programme, making it more welcoming for visitors.”

A spokeswoman for Babergh District Council welcomed the scheme.

“We would be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in taking care of any of the areas owned and currently tended by us,” she said.

“We are currently setting up several community initiatives in Sudbury under the banner of Sudbury in Bloom, specifically along Springlands Way and around the replaced bridges.”

Anyone with suggestions of verges they would like to look after can contact either Mr Gray on 01787 375080 or Mr Sayers on 01787 319006.