Have a say on parking permits

RESIDENTS are being called upon to decide whether parking permits should be introduced in Sudbury.

Ever since long-stay parking charges were sanctioned in the town’s car parks, a large number of motorists have dodged paying to park for more than three hours by parking in side streets.

The trend has angered residents in Edgworth Road, Melford Road and Meadow Lane.

Sudbury Town Council is seeking people’s views on the issue and has been informed by Suffolk County Council on-street parking controls could be introduced.

“We are very sympathetic to the residents who are seeing motorists parking outside their homes,” said Sue Brotherwood, town council clerk. “This is a problem that has become a significant issue since the introduction of long-stay parking charges and it seems some motorists prefer to find a space in residential streets rather than pay to use the car parks.”

However, the cost of implementing the scheme would not come cheap and the county council has said it would prefer to introduce the scheme on a countywide basis.

“We are more than happy to investigate ways of introducing parking permits but before we do so we want to make certain this is the will of the townsfolk,” added Mrs Brotherwood.

q To let the council know your views, call 01787 372331 or email advice@sudburytowncouncil.co.uk.