Harry Potter scenes filmed in Lavenham

SCENES from the forthcoming Hollywood blockbuster Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have been filmed in Lavenham.

A veil of secrecy surrounded the filming in the historic village.

Film fans will be able to see silver screen icons Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson doing battle with Voldemort and the Death-eaters when the film is released in November.

Although none of the cast was present for the filming, the characters of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger will be added through computer wizardry – meaning film fans will actually see the Warner Bros blockbuster's main protagonists appearing in Lavenham's streets.

Jane Gosling, manager of the National Trust-run Lavenham Guildhall, spoke to the Free Press about the film crew's visit in January.

She said: "It was all very exciting. What the film-makers are going to do is turn parts of Lavenham into Godric's Hollow (a village featured in the book and film series) and the Guildhall will be Harry Potter's parents' house.

"It is all very clever. They filmed parts of Lavenham and will edit out any modern houses and bits they don't want digitally."

Prior to the day of filming, which took place on Friday, January 29, location managers working on the seventh instalment of the film franchise made several visits to Lavenham and decided to use it as the basis for Godric's Hollow after deciding it had an "ethereal" quality.

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