Group told to rethink plan

CAMPAIGNERS have been dashed in their bid to get Suffolk County Council to cough up 70 per cent of the costs of running a community walk and recreation ground in Long Melford.

Instead, the village’s residents group has been asked to submit a more detailed proposal of its plan to set up a Community Interest Company (CIC).

In an email sent from county councillor Judy Terry to the group this week, members were told the plan was to “invite the group to submit a detailed proposal with a view to transfer on the basis that there will not be ongoing funding for the site”.

Long Melford county councillor Richard Kemp said: “This will have to be decided by the interest group at a future meeting.

“I can only say that personally I am very disappointed at what I consider to be a totally unrealistic response by the county council.”

The proposal covers the future running of Melford Walk and Rodbridge Picnic Site.

The group had suggested the county council fund all the capital costs and 70 per cent of running costs by way of a grant, with 30 per cent raised by the CIC.