Group aims to save park

A WORKING group has been formed in a bid to come up with a plan to secure the future of Clare Castle Country Park.

Made up of representatives from Suffolk County Council, Clare Parish Council, Clare Society, St Edmundsbury Borough Council and the National Trust, the group was set up on Friday from parties who had expressed an interest in taking over the running of the park from the county council.

The group is now working to find a solution for the future management of the park, and has another meeting arranged in Clare for Thursday, with a second planned later in the month.

Clare Parish Council chairman Keith Haisman said: “We’ve all done some homework on the park and we are going to share our thinking to see if we can come up with a compromise to make the park work.

“Let’s look at different ways of cutting our cake and putting it all back together, with different people taking some responsibility for different parts of it, so it’s a collaborative approach.”

The working group will go through some of the proposals for the park and report back to the wider group of individuals, groups or organisations that were present on Friday.

One of the parties present at the meeting, but not in the working group, was the Suffolk Railway Society, which is keen to install a railway line and a Pullman in the park to be used as a restaurant.

The idea is just one of the many that the core group is now working on, said Mr Haisman, who added: “The (county council’s) new strategic direction is dead. It’s no longer the strategy.”