‘Gridlock and misery’ beckon for Sudbury town centre

The closure of one of Sudbury’s main traffic routes could bring “short-term misery” for motorists.

Gainsborough Street will be closed from Sunday, January 13, for at least three days as a new gas supply is laid by National Grid. Friars Street and Church Road will become one-way to accommodate diverted traffic.

Town councillor Tony Platt said: “It would be rather nice if we were consulted about this.

“The work has to be done, but we would have liked more consultation.”

He said he would not be surprised if the closure of one of the town’s main streets caused traffic problems.

“I just hope there are not too many HGVs coming through because Church Street will be a real problem for them,” he said.

He said Sudbury’s biggest traffic headache was heavy goods vehicles, which use the town as a short cut.

“One of the battles we have been fighting, and the main traffic issue for Sudbury, is the through-traffic by HGVs,” he said.

“As a medieval town, our centre just wasn’t designed to cater for lorries.

“Obviously, HGVs need to deliver to Sudbury and that is fine – it is more the problem with passing HGVs. “I just hope the county council has advised the HGV companies that this work is going on.”

Town and district councillor John Sayers said he had been consulted about the temporary traffic notice.

“I think it will bring short-term misery,” he said.